The Art of Persuasion.

Since 1985, Pennebaker has applied its knowledge and expertise in law, psychology, marketing, graphic design and technology to help attorneys turn legal arguments into litigation victories.

We've assisted with hundreds of trials and arbitrations, nationally and internationally, from class-action toxic tort to gas royalty to patent infringement to multi-million dollar commercial cases. We've helped litigation teams simplify their presentations, enhance their communications strategies and improve their opportunities for success.

From our office in Houston, our in-house staff works closely with the trial team at all phases of the litigation cycle to provide high-caliber graphic design, document management, jury research, communications strategies and on-site trial presentation support.

"The Pennebaker team demonstrates remarkable ability to quickly grasp the legal and factual issues presented by the litigation, and to offer creative insights on ways to best present the issues to a jury to maximize chances for success."
Guy Lipe, Partner
Vinson & Elkins