There is no doubt that public opinion impacts litigation, whether in creating jury biases, encouraging class action lawsuits or affecting settlement outcomes. Strategic communications through media relations is a powerful tool that can make or break a company's reputation.

Our job is to develop media relations campaigns that cut through marketplace clutter and foster the best perception locally, nationally and internationally. Whether the media campaign centers around a specific legal case, around a company's position on a controversial issue, or an issue that might one day require litigation, we can ensure that customized messages that resonate with target audiences are delivered in a timely manner, and hit the right target across geographies, industries and channels.

A recent project involved developing a media relations plan in contemplation of litigation.

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Not in My Community.
Pennebaker was asked to provide communications recommendations regarding the opposition to and pending litigation surrounding the scheduled building of an offshore LNG facility near a U.S. coastal community. The situation involved diffusing the "it's a ticking time bomb" fears that, if further heightened by negative media publicity, could have derailed the project. Pennebaker researched the actions companies in other industries had taken when facing similar circumstances, and presented concise recommendations outlining the best course of action from a communications standpoint. Numerous meetings with key city and county personnel and the media, and presentation of risk - benefit analysis provided the framework that put the project in a more favorable light.

U.S. Energy Supply for the Next 30 Years
When the Department of Energy and the National Petroleum Council prepared to roll out their report on the status of energy supply in the United States for the next 30 years, "U.S. Energy Supply for the Next 30 Years", they called upon Pennebaker to help them communicate it to the media and the public. Despite considerable speculation prior to release of the report, it was well received by all accounts.

Camera focus - Media relations illustration