Pennebaker has conducted research for corporations around the world, as well as for litigators around the United States.

Focus groups. Focus groups enable the trial team to test the strengths and weaknesses of a case strategy and its key themes prior to trial. We assemble the appropriate demographic group and facilitate the research sessions, video taping the arguments and deliberations to provide insights into elements of juror decision-making.

Our experienced litigation consultants review the case materials and assist the legal team with scripting the arguments, witness preparation, presentation materials and development of the pre- and post-discussion questionnaires and verdict forms. A written report with a go-forward strategy is the outcome of the research process.

Mock Trials. In addition to testing themes, in cases where experts, attorneys and corporate representatives must be evaluated, we offer mock trial services. These trials simulate actual trial conditions, with the jury seeing live presentations of the facts of the case. After the presentation, the jury is asked to deliberate to verdict. After a verdict is reached, the participants are asked a series of questions about each presenter and about the factors in the presentations that affected the jury's perceptions.

Jury focus illustration