Successful communications deliver messages that motivate behaviors, influence decisions, and drive results.

Since audiences are more impatient and easily distracted than ever before, it's important that communications be clear, engaging and memorable. When bombarded with large volumes of complex and contradictory information, today's jurors can easily become disengaged. Thus, it's critical to develop more effective techniques through which to communicate with them.

For over 30 years, Pennebaker has helped trial teams harness the power of strategic communications to increase the probability of a favorable outcome - before, during and after litigation. Our legal, marketing and psychology backgrounds help us understand your legal issues and translate those into understandable and compelling presentations.

Recent Case

Pennebaker was asked to provide communications recommendations regarding a potentially catastrophic business case for a publicly traded company. The situation involved a product that, if left alone, could have been the cause of significant product liability exposure and litigation for years to come. Pennebaker examined the issue, researched the actions companies in other industries had taken when facing similar circumstances, and presented concise recommendations outlining the best course of action from a liability and communications standpoint.

Meeting illustration