"The Pennebaker team demonstrates remarkable ability to quickly grasp the legal and factual issues presented by the litigation, and to offer creative insights on ways to best present the issues to a jury to maximize chances for success."
Guy Lipe, Partner
Vinson & Elkins
"Pennebaker has an extremely talented and hard working team of people who are able to distill complex issues into understandable, memorable and persuasive messages. I also enjoy working with them very much!""
Laura Robertson, Esq.
"Pennebaker brings perspective and insight to our trial preparations. They've been at this for a long time, and their expertise in helping us frame our arguments has been invaluable.""
Robert Dille, Partner
Kean Miller, L.L.P.
"There are lots of stories I could tell about the many ways in which Pennebaker has helped me win cases over the past 20 years. This one expresses it best, for me. It's 7:30 am in a small west Texas town and we've been trying this case for two and a half months. The plaintiffs want $ 70+ MM. Today we have closing argument. I have the graphics presentation Pennebaker prepared (late into the night) ready. We turn on the projector and the bulb's burned out. No problem, says Pennebaker, we've got an extra, we sweat the details. Show goes on. Verdict: plaintiffs take nothing.""
Drew McCollam, Esq.
"Pennebaker's creative assistance in developing an animated timeline was key to our new and independent cause argument. They were able to demonstrate the normal operation of a pressure relief valve, and to show how its intended function was interrupted by an employee's intervening act. The presentation was easy to follow and powerful. It helped us win a jury verdict against one set of plaintiffs and a summary judgment against another. Pennebaker's work was brilliant!""
Bruce Hurley, Partner
King & Spalding

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